Accelerate. Innovate.

2022! We made it through the second year of the pandemic, and while we are not through the Covid era, we have definitely learned how to navigate a new world. Zoom, virtual meetings, online events…

The past two years have taught us some very valuable lessons. In 2020 the world was flipped upside down. Our communities were scared, isolated, and immobilized. Through this, we learned we can handle adversity. In 2021, we focused on recovery. We re-centered and stabilized. We found some solid ground, and at ADLS, we reimagined learning. We not only navigated the changes brought forth by Covid, but we flourished. We are ready for whatever 2022 brings. If there is anything schools have learned from COVID-19, it’s that you have to be ready for the unexpected.  The ability to scale and pivot quickly while seamlessly keeping teachers and students engaged is vital.

This year, more than ever, we are committing to advancing teaching and learning: Online collaboration tools, personalized learning, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, expansive programs… the list is endless.



  • We provide high-quality online instructional content and assessments during teacher shortages or when substitutes teach outside their subject area.
  • We provide a Student Information System, Learning Management System, and learning portals.
  • A school and/or district can easily integrate our solutions into their curriculum so teachers can enhance their instruction with minimal training.
  • ADLS can help staff an entirely online program through ADVANTAGES School International, which offers a full catalog of online courses taught by experienced teachers.

By investing in a tech ecosystem and thinking more strategically about the digital tools you integrate into it, you won’t have to press pause on students’ learning during a temporary teacher shortage, a weather-related school closing, or—don’t say it—another global pandemic.

We are all very excited about what this year will bring, what we will accomplish, how we will change our world. We have a deep commitment, a positive attitude, and a whole lot of motivation. This is only the beginning.

In 2022 we will Accelerate. Innovate.

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