Academic Assessment Services

Wondering if your student is ahead or falling behind in their academics? Our academic assessment service will test your student with a 100% online adaptive diagnostic assessment.

A qualified success manager will contact you to review the results with a comprehensive breakdown of a success plan customized for your student.

The academic assessment test is completed on your own time, 100% online, and available to all students.

$99 one-time fee

Many have already used this tool to help set up their students for continued success. In addition, the evaluation can help give insights into your student’s strengths and help highlight where they need specific help in their academics.

Upon completion, our team will deliver a full assessment of academic placement in Language Arts and Math and will include specific learning objections in each area.

With this knowledge, you instantly have the most comprehensive snapshot that allows you to get the needed starting point to help your student keep thriving.

This is an independent service that ADVANTAGES School International provides to any K-12 grade student. This computerized diagnostic test quickly pinpoints student proficiency levels in core subjects of Reading, English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science personalized to each student.

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